Six ways that you can study internationally!

A study-abroad experience will change a student’s life. Obviously, the experience may enrich learning in areas of study as diverse as renaissance art and rain forest ecology, but the same is true for many other areas of study. Equally important, however, is the change that the experience will have on a student’s perspective, which will be dramatically expanded. It gives a student the opportunity to see the world from a totally different viewpoint — from outside the United States.

Every semester hundreds of students here at Fairleigh Dickinson study abroad and gain the experience of a lifetime. In the past students have travelled to places like our campuses in England and Vancouver, Amsterdam, Prague, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, London, Australia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, South Korea, South Africa, Spain, and Switzerland.

Cost is often a concern for students. The good news is that your state, federal, and, for some programs, institutional financial aid are retained while studying abroad through FDU. Make sure that you have filed your FAFSA. The FDU Study Abroad Office can also help you identify external grants and scholarships to help cover your costs.

Ways to Study Abroad at FDU

fdu's wroxton campus

FDU Wroxton College

Study Abroad at our campus in the UK

A semester at Wroxton is carefully designed to provide a complete, integrated study-abroad experience for highly motivated individuals. Known as “The Wroxton Experience” by those who have shared it, it provides all the essentials — and more — in a comprehensive package, enabling you to combine a high-quality academic program with the opportunity to travel and experience new cultures. So, recharge your expectations, broaden your horizons, strive to be extraordinary and come be a part of the Wroxton experience.

At Fairleigh Dickinson’s campus abroad you will encounter the quintessential English village scene. Set in the rural heart of England, Wroxton offers a peaceful environment for learning amid a beautiful countryside of lawns, lakes, gardens and woodland. The College itself is small, accepting only 50 students a semester, and continues to meet its founding vision of an intellectual community, cloistered in an idyllic setting. Located on a 56-acre estate, students are housed in a remarkably beautiful, modernized 17th-century manor house.

To enter the Wroxton program,

  • Students must have a cumulative grade point ratio of 3.00 or better in 4.00 system (or equivalent), as indicated on an official college transcript.
  • Applicants must be a second-semester sophomore, junior, senior or graduate.
  • Students must send three letters of recommendation from current or former professors.
  • A short, topical essay is also required.

Explore Wroxton

students sitting in a building on vancouver's campus

FDU Vancouver

Study Abroad at FDU’s global campus in Vancouver, Canada

A semester at the Vancouver Campus provides students with a unique opportunity to be a part of a multicultural, global classroom. Located in Western Canada near the U.S. border, our Vancouver Campus is home to students from all around the world. Small classes of approximately 20 students provide the opportunity to be a part of engaging discussions and one-on-one time with faculty. Learning extends beyond the required reading as students from all over the world share their stories and experiences.

At the Vancouver Campus, students are encouraged to fully immerse themselves in Canadian home life by living with an English-speaking host family. All homestays are located within 30 minutes of downtown Vancouver by public transportation and include the cost of meals. FDU also assists with housing through our off-campus housing board and special arrangements with local student-style accommodations

To enter the Vancouver Campus program,

  • Students must have a cumulative grade point ratio of 2.50 or better in a 4.00 system (or equivalent), as indicated on an official transcript.
  • Students must complete the Visiting Student Application.

Explore Vancouver

photo taken by a student studying abroad in china

FDU American Study Center in China

Study Abroad in one of the world’s most dynamic countries

A semester at FDU’s American Study Center in China offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live in one of China’s fastest-growing cities in the region. As a hub for financial growth, technological advancement and cultural activities, Chengdu is known as the gateway to the “real China.” A subtropical climate lends to a slower pace of life even as the city continues to develop. Famous for its world-class cuisine, leisurely tea houses and historic temples, the quality of life in Chengdu rivals the day-to-day living in cities as large as Beijing and Shanghai. Housed in the prestigious Sichuan University, the Center is located on the University’s beautiful downtown Huaxi campus. Living among buildings from the Qing Dynasty, you will study with students from Sichuan University and around the U.S.

Known as the Chengdu American Center for Study Abroad, the center offers U.S.-style courses in business, science, communication, humanities, social science, criminal justice, Chinese language and culture and many more! FDU is proud to partner with Concordia University, Merrimack College and Norwich University to develop curriculum specific to your time in Chengdu. By enrolling in the center you are guaranteed to have all of your credits recognized by FDU. In addition to courses, you will have an opportunity to explore the possibilities of internships and service-learning programs with one of the 160 Fortune 500 companies rooted in the area.

Things to consider,

  • Students pay their regular tuition, plus the cost of housing and fees directly to FDU.
  • All state, federal,  and University financial aid will apply.
  • Each student will receive a generous scholarship automatically applied to their account.
  • Students must have a cumulative grade point ratio of 2.50 or better in a 4.00 system.
  • Students must submit three letters of recommendation from current or former professors.
  • A short, topical essay is also required.

FDU Short-term Courses

Study Abroad with FDU Faculty

Every semester hundreds of students travel abroad for between one and three weeks with FDU faculty members and gain an experience of their lifetime. In the past, students have traveled to places like the United Kingdom, Vancouver, Amsterdam, Prague, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, China, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, London, Australia, Germany, Greece, Ireland, South Korea, South Africa, Spain and Switzerland.

These short-term, faculty-led study-abroad experiences are often linked to fall and spring semester courses, while others are stand-alone winter or summer session courses. In each case, trip itineraries are carefully arranged by the instructor in collaboration with the FDU Study Abroad Office. Costs vary from program to program depending upon the duration of the trip, the destination and prevailing exchange rates.

FDU Global Partners

Study Abroad with Select Partners

In addition to Wroxton, Vancouver and China, there are many other semester study-abroad opportunities.

The Study Abroad Office has a full range of descriptive materials dealing with programs around the world with different curricula. Students, after they choose what program they want, must receive approval from their academic department.

Programs listed are just a small sampling of what is available. In each case, students pay the prevailing FDU tuition and fees plus the cost of transportation and room and board at the partner university. All financial aid remains the same! To learn more visit,

External Programs

Study Abroad anywhere in the world

Every year dozens of FDU students attend programs around the world through other American universities who assist them in participating in their study-abroad programs. With access to these “host schools” your choices in study abroad destinations are wide open.

If you have a particular country in mind, chances are an FDU student has spent time studying abroad there. Costs vary depending upon the choice of program.

As with anyone interested in studying abroad, whether it is with an FDU program or a host school, it is important to sit with an academic adviser to set aside the appropriate courses to take while abroad. The Study Abroad Office can also help you with this.

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