Financial Aid and Questions

When you begin thinking about a study abroad program the question of money and how your program will be funded takes an important place in the decision making process. Too often students pass up an important opportunity to study abroad because they feel that they can’t afford it. In actuality, it may be less expensive spending a semester or year abroad than staying at your home institution, FDU. Do you lose the financial aid and scholarship money that you are currently receiving if you go abroad? Are there special scholarships available for students going abroad? What are the criteria and deadlines for these scholarships?

This page will help to answer these questions and show that study abroad is affordable and can be tailored to suit your academic needs and financial budget.

What happens to a student’s financial aid if they decide to go abroad?

To answer this question, it’s important to break study abroad down into three categories.


All students going abroad must show proof of insurance. Whether you are under your parent’s coverage, your own coverage, or you purchase the plan that the Study Abroad Office has available, a photocopy of your insurance card must be placed in your file. This insurance must remain valid the entire duration of your time spent abroad. Please stop by the Study Abroad Office for details on purchasing insurance.