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U.S. Department of Webinar Series on Logic Models for Grant Proposal Preparation

The U.S. Department of Education’s Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) Division is hosting a three-part webinar series on logic models, which are visual representations that demonstrate the relationship between proposed activities and desired outcomes.

Part I, held on Tuesday, July 12, was the first webinar on “Theory & Fundamentals” and provides the opportunity to learn more about the importance of logic models, as well as how to create a logic model in the context of HSI grants. Creating an effective logic model is a critical part of the grant process, as it allows reviewers, program officers, and others to easily understand the main components of the grant-funded project. As a vital part of the grant process, FDU faculty are encouraged to attend.

Presentation and FAQs follow:

Logic Model Presentation

Logic Model Webinar FAQs