Terms and Conditions

Your financial aid offer is based on attendance as a full-time student (at least 12 credits/semester for undergraduate students; at least 9 credits/semester for graduate students) and your anticipated housing plans as reported (on-campus or commuter). Estimated costs for the academic year may be found online at My Award Offer

You must inform the Office of Financial Aid immediately (in writing via email at finaid@fdu.edu) of any changes in either your enrollment or housing plans so that your financial aid may be reevaluated accordingly.

If you have been selected for verification by the US Department of Education, additional documentation will be requested under separate cover. The verification process may lead to revisions to your financial aid awards. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to request verification of any data submitted by the student and/or parents that was considered in the financial aid award offer. Your financial aid award offer is subject to the receipt and processing of any information/documentation requested by the Office of Financial Aid.

Financial aid award offers are contingent upon maintaining satisfactory academic progress (SAP) toward completion of your degree. The Office of Financial Aid reviews SAP for each financial aid recipient at the conclusion of the each semester. Failure to maintain satisfactory academic progress will result in the loss of financial aid funding. You must be matriculated and enrolled in coursework leading to a degree.

More information may be found online:

Undergraduate Satisfactory Academic Progress

Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress/

A New Jersey Tuition Aid Grant (TAG), if listed on your award notice, is only an ESTIMATED award. Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) of New Jersey will send a Student Eligibility Notice (SEN) to students that details actual award amounts and may also request additional documentation for final award determination. It is the responsibility of the student to submit all requested documentation to HESAA in a timely fashion to meet state grant deadlines and satisfy all requirements for eligibility to ensure payment of a TAG award.

The University awards grants and scholarships from university operating funds and reserves the right to substitute funding received from private or endowed sources. In such an event, a revised Financial Aid Notice of Award will be sent to you detailing the substitution.

Receipt of financial assistance from any sources may affect your eligibility for financial aid as detailed on your award notification. You are required to notify the Office of Financial Aid of receipt of additional awards.

Federal and state awards are based on estimated funding levels. The Office of Financial Aid reserves the right to make adjustments as a result of changes in federal and/or state funding levels.

You must apply for financial aid each year for consideration of renewed eligibility.