Students enrolled in programs within the International School of Hospitality, Sports, and Tourism Management (ISHSTM) at FDU-Vancouver have opportunities for internship and work experience through the School’s Preferred Industry Partnership (PIP) Program.

The PIP Program is a consortium of curated partnerships between ISHSTM @ FDUV and hospitality and tourism employers throughout British Columbia. The total number of employers in this program is limited to allow for an enhanced depth of relationship between ISHSTM @ FDUV and each employer. Given the mission and scope of the hospitality and tourism programs at FDUV, this program allows for faculty, students, and employers to create robust, personal experiences.

For students studying in the Bachelor of Arts in Individualized Studies – Hospitality & Tourism Management Specialization, up to three one-credit internship courses (HRTM 1100/2100/3100) can be taken in fall, spring, or summer of any year (first, second, third, fourth) of their program. These courses are one-credit each and provide a student with both work experience from an approved employer as well as professional development activities completed with their internship course instructor. These courses are optional but count as elective credit toward the Bachelor’s degree. A minimum of 300 hours of work should be completed for each internship course. Minimum FDU GPA required: 2.70.

The cost of internship courses to students is the one-credit course tuition. No additional fees apply within the PIP Program.

Deadlines for internships vary based on employer timelines. Students interested in opportunities should contact Internship Instructor, Denise Chiang (, or Associate Director, Dr. Jarrett Bachman ( as early as possible. More information is also available on the ISHSTM @ FDUV industry board outside of Cambie Room 252, and information sessions are held on campus once per term.

Preferred Industry Partnership Programs