Faculty Resource: Class Tours, Workshops, and Student Referrals

Our professional tutors are available to visit your class to explain the benefits of using the Academic Support Center, the services we offer, and how to access them. Alternately, faculty members can schedule a tour of the ASC which would include a class session in the Monninger Computer Lab where students will register for online accounts and practice creating appointments.

To schedule an in-class visit or a tour of the ASC, fill out the form below. Please list your first, second, and third preferences for the date and time of your visit or tour. Appointment confirmations will be sent to your FDU email address. For planning purposes, class visits typically last 30 minutes.

Faculty can also request a special workshop specifically tailored to your needs and the needs of your class. The ASC will design and present a workshop in partnership with you, the instructor. To suggest a workshop, fill out the form below.


Referring Students to the Academic Support Center

Once students become familiar with Academic Support, they often begin to come regularly because they see how beneficial our services are. Many professors offer students either extra credit or the opportunity to revise their work if they come to Academic Support. To get students through the door the first time, we find that faculty and staff are among our best sources of advertising, so please mention our services to your class. Please feel free to use the following information in your course syllabi:

The FDU Florham Campus Academic Support Center (ASC) provides FREE one-on-one and group tutoring in over 40 subject areas to undergraduate and graduate students of the Florham Campus. To learn more about the ASC’s tutoring services and how to schedule an appointment, visit the website at: fdu.edu/myasc