Common Academic Adjustments and/or Accommodations

The Office of Disability Support Services provides a variety of adjustments/accommodations to students with disabilities based on their documented need. Adjustments/accommodations are determined on a case-by-case basis, taking into account what is most appropriate and reasonable for an individual student based on their documented disability-related need, and essential requirements of their academic program. Commonly provided adjustments/accommodations include but are not limited to:

Testing Adjustments/Accommodations

Extended Time on Tests

This academic adjustment/accommodation typically constitutes “time and a half” based on standard exam allotted time. Instructors may provide this academic adjustment/accommodation by allowing a student extended time immediately before or after a scheduled exam time, during office hours, or at any other mutually agreed upon time and location. Alternatively, the Office of Disability Support Services can arrange for a proctor to administer the exam in the DSS office with appropriate notice.

Distraction-reduced Testing

This academic adjustment/accommodation provides a student with a less distracting space to take any course exam. Instructors may provide this academic adjustment/accommodation by administering the exam in their office or somewhere within their department. With appropriate notice, the student can also choose to take the exam in a distraction-reduced testing room arranged by the Office of Disability Support Services. 

Use of a Calculator

This academic adjustment/accommodation is provided for students with a math disability. Students are allowed to use a non-scientific basic calculator on math exams. Students must bring their own calculators to the testing location.

Class Adjustments/Accommodations

Assistance with Note-taking

This academic adjustment/accommodation provides students with note-taking assistance. Please note that the student is responsible for regularly attending the class. Note-taking assistance is not a substitute for class attendance. 

Use of a Laptop or Computer

This academic adjustment/accommodation may apply for both in-class activities and exams. If approved, students should use their own computers for in-class work. Students requiring a computer for their exams will take their exams at the Office of Disability Support Services on an office computer.

Preferential Seating

This academic adjustment/accommodation is for students who would benefit from sitting in a specific location in the classroom.

Assistive Technology

The Office of Disability Support Services provides students with access to a variety of assistive technologies. These include but are not limited to:

  • Captioning
  • Adaptive computer keyboards
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Books in alternate format
  • Use of audio recording software for notetaking
  • Screen readers
  • Speech-to-text Software

Other Adjustments/Accommodations

Priority Course Registration

Students with certain disability-related needs may qualify to receive priority registration on a case-by-case basis as a reasonable academic adjustment/accommodation. The priority registration accommodation provides students with the opportunity to register for classes on the first day registration opens. If the student needs priority registration, then they must contact our office at least two weeks before the first day registration opens. 

Graduate and/or Professional Licensing Exam Requests

If students need to submit verification of adjustments/accommodations to testing or licensing agencies, students can email a request to at least 2 weeks in advance of the submission deadline. Students are responsible for contacting the testing or licensing agencies to acquire the correct forms for the Office of Disability Support Services. Adjustments/accommodations approved at FDU are not always transferable outside of FDU. To support accommodation requests, students may need to submit additional documentation directly to the licensing agencies.