Transfer Students

Fairleigh Dickinson University Vancouver is committed to promoting student mobility and accessibility to education, and welcomes transfer students from recognized and accredited two-year and four-year institutions. FDU has skilled transfer advisors who can assist you in making the move to our University. Students may either be admitted to the university as a transfer student (see below), or as a regular student and apply to have transfer credit for courses they have taken at other institutions. Our staff are knowledgeable about credit requirements, transfer policies and the articulation agreements the University has with many two-year community colleges.

Students are required to fully disclose information on all academic institutions attended on their application form. Failure to do so may result in disciplinary action. In order for coursework to be considered for transfer, transcripts must be provided to the Admissions office at the time of application.

To apply for transfer credits you can submit Application for Transfer Credits Consideration to Admissions before your program begins.

Transfer from within British Columbia

FDU–Vancouver is a program member of the British Columbia Council on Admissions and Transfer(BCCAT) . Students who have completed coursework at colleges and universities which are a part of the transfer system may receive credit for articulated courses. Contact the admissions office at 604-648-8112 or e-mail at for more information.

Transfer from Other Provinces in Canada and the United States

In addition to the articulation agreements established by its campuses in New Jersey, FDU–Vancouver is establishing articulation agreements with a number of colleges in Canada and the US. Please contact the Vancouver admissions office for further information about our agreements. If your college does not have an agreement with FDU–Vancouver, your courses may still be considered for transfer credit, providing the college is accredited.

Transfer from Colleges and Universities Outside of Canada and the United States

The University is pleased to accept transfer applications from international students. Credit for coursework taken at recognized and accredited universities or colleges may be accepted. For more information, please contact the Vancouver Admissions Office at 604-648-8112 or e-mail at

Transfer Credit Evaluation for Undergraduate Transfer Students

Once you are admitted into the university, you may be required to obtain a World Educational Services (WES) or equivalent course-by-course evaluation of your foreign credentials for transfer credit eligibility.

Without a WES evaluation, there is no guarantee that we will be able to award you transfer credits for your work.

You must submit a WES evaluation on or before your arrival on campus.

For more information and instructions, please visit the WES homepage.

You will need to request a course by course evaluation.  Please indicate in the add recipient section to check the FDU-Vancouver Campus.  Selecting the New Jersey campuses may delay the evaluation process.  You should allow 3-4 weeks for the evaluation.

Students from accredited institutions in Canada and the United States do not require a WES evaluation for transfer credit to FDU Vancouver.  For students who have I.B. higher level exams, British A-levels, or AP exams, a WES evaluation will not be required for transfer credit evaluation.  Please submit all official exam results on or before your arrival on campus.




Frequently Asked Questions About the Transfer Process