Campus Quiz: Statues and Sculptures

Everywhere you look at FDU, there’s art! Take this quiz to test your FDU art knowledge. Are you up for the challenge?

A lion sculpture sits atop a pillar near the entrance of Wroxton Abbey.

(Photo: Brian Lewis)

A. These lions replaced a long-lost pair of lions on the porch at Wroxton College. When were they purchased?

A close-up photo of the Martin Luther King, Jr. statue on the Metropolitan Campus.

(Photo: Alan Brian Nilsen)

B. This gentleman visited FDU twice. Can you complete his famous quote correctly? “I have a dream that my little children will one day live in a nation where they will be judged not by the color of their skin but by …”

The Ulysses statue in Dreyfuss Plaza at the Florham Campus.

(Photo: Zave Smith)

C. Which FDU campus first held this bronze “Ulysses” statue by Ivan Meštrović, and where was it located? Where is the statue now?

Mother and Child sculpture in spring, with trees blooming behind the statue.

(Photo: Bluestone Photography)

D. Artist William Zorach once said of this work, “It is love that is felt so intensely that the artist had to record it to give it back to humanity.” What is the name of this sculpture and on which campus is it located?

A statue of Venus emerging from the clamshell.

(Photo: Brian Lewis)

E. This polished marble sculpture of the birth of the goddess Venus emerging from a seashell and attended by cherubs was donated to the University by Harry Chesler. Where is it located?

A sculpture of the lovers Romeo and Juliet, displayed in a Wroxton garden.

(Photo: Dan Landau)

F. Which two classic lovers are depicted in this sculpture in the gardens at Wroxton College?

The Peace Screen statue on a sunny day with a blue sky.

(Photo: Bluestone Photography)

G. At what event was the “World Peace Screen” on the Metropolitan Campus originally displayed?

A. The lions arrived in the summer of 2019.

B. “… the content of their character.”

C. “Ulysses” first stood outside Messler Library on the Rutherford Campus. It’s now in Dreyfuss Plaza at the Florham Campus. A duplicate stands outside Edward Williams Hall on the Metropolitan Campus.

D. “Mother and Child” stands on the Metropolitan Campus.

E. Venus resides in the Hassan Orangerie, part of the Monninger Center for Learning and Research at the Florham Campus.

F. The lovers are Romeo and Juliet.

G. This sculpture was first built by alumnus Paul Von Ringelheim, BS’58 (Ruth), on the grounds of the 1964–65 New York World’s Fair. The fair’s theme was “Peace Through Understanding.”