Curricular Practical Training

CPT Process and Policy

International Student Services has implemented a new CPT process as of 2.17.17 which requires all international students who would like to participate in an off campus work experience to have their work experience reviewed and approved by the Office of Career Development.

Students must thoroughly read and follow the required steps outlined in the CPT packet.  Failure to abide by the requirements of CPT could result in termination of the I-20 and SEVIS record.


CPT Packet for all International Students


Federal Labor Laws have determined that a person will need work authorization for a paid or unpaid work experience,internship, or training. This means if an F-1 student is going to work off campus, that person will need to receive work authorization prior to beginning the experience.  

To thoroughly understand the impact of unauthorized work you must read  FDU F-1 International Student Work Authorization Policy

CPT Application Submittal

Metro students: CPT applications are only accepted during ISS Walk-In hours (Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays 2:00pm – 5:00pm)

Florham students: CPT applications may be submitted during normal business hours

For any questions please contact the ISS office on your campus.