On-Campus Employment

All F-1 students are eligible for on-campus employment.

On-campus employment is defined as being on the school’s premises or at a location, which is educationally affiliated to the school. Students can be employed for 20 hours during the school term and full time during University breaks and holidays.

F-1 students are NOT to accept any type of employment without first consulting with the Office of International Student Services.

If you obtain a job on campus, you will need a Social Security number. Please visit the Office of International Student Services after you have been officially offered an on campus position. We will be happy to provide you with the appropriate information to obtain a number.

Please note:  As of October 13, 2004, F-1 students may only obtain a Social Security number if an on campus job has been secured. This is a Social Security Administration regulation. For more information on F-1 students and Social Security numbers, please visit  www.SSA.gov