Fall 2020 Dining Operations

Fast Facts

  • Here are the open dining areas at each New Jersey campus:
    • Florham Campus: The Student Center Dining Hall, Florham Perk and The Grill
      • Hours of operations: M-F, 7:30 AM-7:30PM, Sat-Sun, 11:30 AM-7:30PM
    • Metropolitan Campus: Riverside Café
      • Hours of operation: M-F, 7:30 AM-7:30PM, Sat-Sun, 11:30 AM-7:30PM
  • The following menus will be available for each campus:
    • Florham Campus: Main Dining Hall, Snax, Leafs and Grains, The Grill and Florham Perk
    • Metropolitan Campus: Riverside Cafe, Freshens, Dickinson Café and Starbucks.
  • Everyone will be required to download the Transact Mobile app to access the FDU mobile dining menus.
    • A detailed instructional guide can be found here.
  • All special dietary needs will be accommodated.
  • Orders can be customized.
  • Fairleigh 1Card Cash for Grubhub dollars have been added to every resident student’s meal plan as well as enrollment in the Grubhub plus program for the Fall 2020 semester. There will be no delivery charges at Grubhub plus locations.
  • Every meal plan will have block meals, mainly used for ordering from the main dining hall menus.
  • Flex dollars can be used for on-campus retail orders or for extra drink or snack items.
  • Fairleigh 1Card Cash Grubhub dollars are for off-campus orders only.

Indoor Dining

As of Friday, Oct. 2, Fairleigh Dickinson University will allow indoor dining with a capacity of 25 people in the Florham and Metropolitan Campus dining halls.

Indoor Dining Guidelines:

• Masks must be worn entering the dining hall right up until the time you are seated and ready to eat.

• Masks must go back on when you leave your table to throw out your trash to leave the dining hall.

• Please follow all signage for entering, exiting, and seating.

• Mobile ordering is still the required way for students to order food and beverages.

• There are no self-service touch points.

• Students will pick up food in TO GO containers and bags.

• Both locations will have seating for a maximum of 25 at a time.

• Tables and chairs will be six feet apart with “Sit Here” stickers.

• Moving tables and chairs will not be permitted.

• Only one person will be allowed at a table.

• Tables are for dining only. (No studying or lounging.)

• Tables and chairs will be cleaned and sanitized every thirty minutes or as needed based on usage.

• Additional trash receptacles will be placed throughout the rooms.

• Thirty minute seating limits are being requested. This will allow for a turnover of tables at each meal period.

• Seating will be closed thirty minutes before closing time every evening to allow a final shift cleaning

• Dining will need to notify Public Safety if a student does not comply.

• Florham seating will only be in the Student Center dining hall. Metro will be at the Riverside Café.

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