Ivelisse Lazzarini

Associate Professor, Chair/Program Director of Occupational Therapy, School of Pharmacy and Health Sciences



  • Complexity Sciences
  • Neuro-Occupation
  • Neuro-philosophy
  • Mental Health
  • Theory


  • Complexity Sciences
  • Sustainable Curricula


  • BSOT, Temple University
  • OTD, Creighton University, Nebraska

Academic Profile

I have a strong commitment to the dissemination of knowledge and to the understanding of the nature of being human. Humanness is shaped by our lived experiences, which form the patterns of neural activity that dictate our everyday tendencies, including spiritual notions. When we consider what knowledge and spirituality are for humankind, and what learning affords, it is no exaggeration to say that the future course of our education depends upon the understanding of the relations between these concepts.

As a healthcare educator, I am committed to providing students with a transdisciplinary and sustainable scientific worldview that facilitates understanding the role they play in providing ethical, just, and equitable healthcare services. Contemplating teaching and learning from a  worldview also combines the most profound scientific truths and spiritual insights into an integrated reality that benefits all human health services. Sustainable scientific knowledge promotes the quintessential understanding of humankind’s essence that accounts for individual variability and right to choose to allow students to acquire a deeper awareness about the nature of the healthcare services they provide and the ability to serve as informed leaders and facilitators of change.