Professor, Peter Sammartino School of Education

  • Director of the Center for Dyslexia Studies
  • University Director, Regional Center for Students with Learning Disabilities
  • former Director, School of Education
  • former Director, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant program

Contact Information


  • EDUC8609 Multisensory Reading 5
  • EDUC8610 Multisensory Reading 6


  • Dyslexia
  • Working Memory
  • Progress Monitoring
  • Reading
  • Teacher Training


  • BA, University of Rochester
  • MS, University of Rochester
  • PhD, Teachers College


I have worked directly with students with learning disabilities throughout my career, going from being a special education teacher to a learning disabilities specialist and then to use my training and experience to develop programs for students with learning disabilities. I founded the Regional Center for Students with Disabilities and continue to be its University Director. My special interest is in training teachers to teach reading to struggling readers. Over the years, the Orton Gillingham Program has grown substantially in numbers of teachers trained each year. In the process, I personally have trained instructors who provide this training in school districts and Children’s Dyslexia Centers throughout the state. It’s been a pleasure to facilitate the growth of this self-selected group of hard-working teachers who are dedicated to training teachers in the OG approach. It is very satisfying to know that struggling readers throughout the state are making strides in reading, due to the teachers we have trained.