Inter-Disciplinary Minor

The Entertainment Business and Management Minor allows the student to focus on the unique requirements of developing a product for the entertainment and/or communication industries. Aspects of production management and communication are addressed in this minor, and the student will learn about the business role of the producer, from acquiring a product, through production and distribution. Skills involved and developed include leadership, communication, marketing and accounting.

15 credits in specified Film, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Business, and/or Communication courses, designed to introduce students to the business and management side of entertainment.

Required courses (9 credits)

[Include the course number and full course name; if there are options, make these clear; indicate how frequently the course will be offered. Please note that a minor can have no prerequisites unless those prerequisites are included in the 15 credits required for the minor.]

  • ENTR2710 Launching New Ventures (presently ENTR3160) [offered every term]
  • FILM3426 Producing Movies [offered every year]
  • FILM3427 Distributing Movies & Media [offered every academic year]

Elective courses (6 credits)

[For students in the minor who are majoring in COMM or who are at the Silberman School of Business, the occasional pre-requisite seen below, will not pose a problem in completing the minor. Most of the courses listed here do not have pre-requisites. Pre-reqs are noted with a yellow background.]

Course Descriptions