Program Objectives

The objective of this certificate/minor is to expose interested candidates to the growing sector of esports and competitive gaming and provide career pathways to the industry.

  • Identify career paths and the business models within esports.
  • Identify and analyze ethic, legal, and HR issues in esports.
  • Understand how to plan esports events while satisfying stakeholders.
  • Understand the basics in game design.

Required Courses (15 credits)

NOTE: An internship in ESports (SPAD2018) can be a substitute for any of the courses above.


The standard rates for undergraduate courses.

Contact Information
Dr. Robyn Lubisco, Director of the Sport Management Program, Florham
Contact Information
Dr. J.C. Kim
201-692-7272 (Metro Campus) Professor, Sport Management, Metro Campus Program Director

Course Descriptions

  • ANIM1650 By studying the evolution and history of video games, students learn to plan the visual and interactive content, goals, gameplay and the rules of their own game ideas. This course also teaches how art specifications can conflict with technical constraints and how some ideas might be impractical to build. Students will write in depth game design documents where elements such as story, setting, character development, logical flow and levels are planned and unforeseen issues are dealt with through modification of the paper design based on class critiques and feedback.

  • SPAD2007 This course will provide an overview of the ESports industry, its history, current state and emerging trends

  • SPAD2018 This is a practical experience of previously learned skills and knowledge. The internship assignment will depend on the student's background and goals.

  • SPAD2019 Concepts of marketing, promotions and public relations for various components of the sports industry; strategic planning and coordination of efforts; marketing strategies and varying consumer behaviors in different sports venues; social and economic issues related to buying and selling of sports; the inclusion of sponsorships and endorsements into marketing efforts.