The 15-credit minor in Graphic Design (previously called the Computer Graphics minor) will prepare students to understand, formulate and create design solutions for a variety of visual communication problems in print, the web, and other two-dimensional design contexts.

To achieve this goal, the courses in this minor seek to instill in students the conceptual foundations for understanding design, the desire to develop visual sensitivity, and the requisite traditional and software skills necessary to confront real-world design situations competitively.

Required Courses

Course Descriptions

  • CGD1313 This course is an introductory exploration of computer graphics as a technology and a creative medium. Through the use of industry-standard software, Adobe Photoshop, students learn the fundamentals of working with raster editing techniques. The focus is on manipulating images and learning about the production workflow as it pertains to digital imagery.

  • CGD2213 This course will provide students the theoretical and practical foundations of design through the discussion of historical examples, major ideas and theories, and exercises and projects geared toward exploring and developing solutions to visual design problems. Both lateral and critical thinking will be encouraged.

  • CGD2370 Integrating word processing, typographic exploration, raster image manipulation and vector graphics construction, students will learn to design and create printed documents that blend effective form and communication. The fundamentals of layout, typography, file management, image formats and resolutions as well as prepress basics will be examined using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • CGD3303 This course will provide the students the opportunity to learn Adobe Dreamweaver, the industry standard web development software. The class prepares students with the skills and knowledge of web publishing and the application of multimedia skills for the design and implementation of responsive web sites using a variety of software, HTML and CSS.