The 15-credit Japanese studies interdisciplinary minor provides students with an overview of Japanese language and culture. The minor includes instruction in beginning and intermediate Japanese and course work in Japanese culture.

Required Courses (6 credits)

Electives (9 credits)

Course Descriptions

  • JAPN1001 An introduction to the language with practice in reading, writing and conversation.

  • JAPN1002 An introduction to thelanguage with practice in reading, writing and conversation.

  • JAPN2001 With the basic knowledge acquired in Beginning Japanese I & II, students learn more advanced grammar and build skills by using these in practical situations with practice in oral communication, and writing and reading. Mastering 120 basic Kanji is also a course goal.

  • JAPN2002 This course is the continuation of Intermediate Japanese I. The course focuses on learning more advanced grammar and mastering additional 130 Kanji. Students build stronger skills to use the acquired knowledge in a practical way with additional practice in conservation, writing and reading.

  • JAPN2506 This course taught in English introduces key topics in Japanese history, politics, arts, literature, as well as the sciences. It will also address contemporary issues in Japanese culture.

  • JAPN3015 This course studies the culture of Japan through selected films. It highlights pivotal moments in Japanese history captured in Japanese movies. Moreover it takes a multidisciplinary approach to better understanding key topics regarding Japanese life.