The Latin American Studies Minor is a 15-credit cultural studies program designed to offer Becton College students an Interdisciplinary Minor that incorporates Latin American-centered curriculum to include Spanish Language as well as Literature and History. Students can also earn credit through courses linked to short-term study abroad in Latin America regularly offered at Becton College, while they can also earn credit from a full semester study abroad program in Latin America.

From the 15 credits available:

  • Students need a minimum of 6 credits in Language and Literature and 6 credits in History.
  • The students can take the remaining 3 credits in either Language and Literature or History.

Language and Literature Courses

Required Language and Literature Courses (Pick 1 or 2 Courses)

  • SPAN 1002 Beginning Spanish II
  • SPAN 2003 Spanish Conversation I * 
  • SPAN 2004 Spanish Conversation II *
  • SPAN 2009 Spanish for Professions
  • SPAN 3411 Latin American Culture and Civilization (Spanish)

Elective Language and Literature Courses (Pick 0 to 2 Courses)

  • SPAN 2006 Music in Spanish: Writing and Conversation
  • SPAN 2007 Hispanic Current Events: Writing & Conversation
  • SPAN 2008 Hispanic Film: Writing and Conversation
  • SPAN 2507 Latin American Culture & Civilization (English)
  • SPAN 2530 Latin American Film
  • SPAN 3431 Latin American Short Stories
  • SPAN 3463 The Hispanic Essay
  • SPAN 3310 Latin American Women Writers
  • SPAN 3441 Latin American Theater
  • SPAN 4440 The Hispanic Novel
  • SPAN 4477 Honors Research and Thesis
  • SPAN 4498 Internship
  • SPAN 4800 Senior Independent Study

History Courses

Available History Courses (Pick 2 or 3 Courses)

  • HIST 2501 Colonial Latin America
  • HIST 2502 Modern Latin America
  • HIST 2506 Pre-Columbian Americas
  • HIST 2503 Post-Columbian Native American History
  • HIST 2504 Crime & Punishment in Latin America
  • HIST 3251 Gender and Race in Latin America

OR in conjunction with:

STUDY ABROAD (Short-term of 3-6 credits or full semester study abroad of up to 15 credits is highly recommended. Students will receive credit for relevant courses approved by the Department of Social Sciences & History for Latin American and/or Spanish-centered curriculum.)

Additional courses will be added to this list as additional course offerings become available.

Course Descriptions