The Latin American Studies Minor is a 15-credit cultural studies program designed to offer Becton College students an interdisciplinary minor that incorporates a Latin American-centered curriculum to include the Spanish Language as well as Literature and History. Students can also earn credit through courses linked to short-term study abroad in Latin America offered at Becton College, while they can also earn credit from a full semester study abroad program in Latin America.

From the 15 credits available:

  • Students need a minimum of 6 credits in History and 6 credits in Language and Literature
  • Students can take the remaining 3 credits in either Language and Literature or History

History Courses

Required History Courses (Pick 2 or 3 Courses)

Language and Literature Courses

Required Language and Literature Courses (Pick 1 or 2 Courses)

Elective Language and Literature Courses (Pick 0 to 2 Courses)

OR in conjunction with:

STUDY ABROAD (Short-term of 3-6 credits or full semester study abroad of up to 15 credits is highly recommended. Students will receive credit for relevant courses approved by the Department of Social Sciences & History for Latin American and/or Spanish-centered curriculum.)

Additional courses will be added to this list as additional course offerings become available.

Contact Information
Luz Huertas, Coordinator of Latin American Studies
Gary Darden, Chair, Department of Social Sciences