The FDU Latin American Studies is a 15-credit interdisciplinary program created to provide our students with the means to understand the complexities of the very diverse Latino communities.

Latin American Studies is a 15-credit interdisciplinary program created to provide students with an understanding of Latino communities in the United States as well as the history of Latin America as a region in a way that will prepare them for their future. This program is led by international faculty, emphasizing Latin American history, literature, and the Spanish language. We offer courses focusing on the culture, history, politics, and identity of the Latin American experience.

Students who complete this minor will be able to improve their bilingual skills, understand the complex social, economic, cultural, and political characteristics of Latin America and the Latinx communities in the US, participate in special academic events, and have access to bilingual internships in important local organizations and institutions. 

The best students in the program will be able to join the FDU Latin Americanists, an elite group of students trained to organize and participate in events and activities. They represent FDU locally, nationally, and internationally, and promote awareness about Latin American history and culture as well as the Latinx heritage in the US.

“Minoring in Latin American Studies not only allowed me to expand my horizons beyond my major, but it let me explore a passion and helped me to create a better understanding of the world around me. There is a special connection made when given the opportunity to understand and appreciate the culture, struggles, and voices of the Latin American people who came before us. Through this minor, I was able to learn how the world was and is, but also how it could be.”

Christina Batista, former Latin American Studies student

Faculty and Staff

Luz Huertas Castillo
Assistant Professor, Latin American Studies Coordinator

Patricia R. Bazán
Professor of Language, Literature, and University Core

Laureano Corces
Associate Professor of Modern Languages

Abagail Belcastro
Administrative Assistant

Tanama Cruz
Bilingual Library Associate

Contact Information
Luz E. Huertas, Assistant Professor
Abagail L. Eckert, Administrative Assistant