The 15-credit minor in film production will provide students with an introduction to the language of filmmaking. Upon completion of the minor, students will better understand the filmmaking process, be able to analyze the strengths of different genres in the medium, and be able to create short films in digital format.

Required Courses (12 credits)

  • COMM3349 Intro to Television
  • FILM1360 History of Television
  • FILM1501 Cinematic Storytelling

Elective Course (3 credits)

  • FILM1005 Filmmaking I: Basic Production
  • FILM2255 TV News and Magazine Production
  • FILM3430 Reality TV Production
  • FILM4465 Client Driven Video Production

Course Descriptions

  • COMM3349 A prelimary course dealing with such topics as: The language of T.V., the Production Process, Art Design, T.V. News and the Development of Israli T.V.

  • FILM1005 THE LANGUAGE OF CINEMA. Techniques in camera, story, and editing are stressed. Narrative and Documentary productions are assigned, as the class pursues both an understanding of basic production and storytelling concepts.

  • FILM1360 Examines the development of television from experiments in the late 1800s through the Golden Age of the 1050s and up to the present. Through studying historical television programs, the class examines programming, events and commercials responsible for reshaping American entertainment and values.

  • FILM1501 A basic introduction to the art of telling the visual story, examining the work of the screenwriter, art director, producer, director, actor, music composer, editor and studio executive. Such subjects as a films theme and focus, genre and market are closely discussed. The class consists of viewing film clips, readings and discussions on what are all the elements that contribute to the visual story - the how and why.

  • FILM2255 Students will learn how to identify, develop, and produce single camera field productions for TV spot news, TV news feature stories, and TV news magazine segments. Students will write, direct, shoot, and edit in a fast turnaround schedule common in the TV news industry.

  • FILM3430 Reality TV is now an undeniable part of popular culture both in the US and abroad and has become a major successful genre in Television. Students will learn the unique production procedures that shooting a reality TV show requires. Students will exam the long running, Emmy Award winning and internationally popular TV series Project Runway. Students will learn first-hand by using Project Runway as a model to create, produce and edit their own Reality series that will then be aired on the FDUTV YouTube channel.

  • FILM4465 WORKING WITH NON-PROFIT, CORPORATE, AND GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS: Students gain world experience, working on production for corporate clients, or for non-profit or government organizations. Students handle concepts, scripts and fill the roles of script writers, camera operations, production managers, sound-mixer, boom, editor, etc. resulting in a training, corporate image or marketing-type film.