This interdisciplinary minor is for students who wish to explore gender and its relation to other axes of power: race, class, ethnicity, and sexuality. We use these concepts to analyze human experience in its bodily, political, economic and cultural dimensions.

The minor consists of five elective courses to be chosen from the following list; no more than two courses can be take in the same discipline:

  • CRIM1112 Minorities, Women and the Criminal Justice System
  • CRIM1135 Social Justice and Structural Inequality
  • CRIM2216 Sex, Deviance and the Law
  • CRIM3307/3318 Domestic Violence
  • ENGL3317 Women in Literature
  • ENGL3396 African Literature, Sex, Politics
  • ENGL/HUMN3399 Continental Drift: Sex, Gender and Family in the South Asian Diaspora
  • HIST3103 Gender in U.S. History
  • HIST3109 Gender and Globalization
  • HUMN/RELI 2255 Person, Gender and Sexuality: Judaism, Christianity and Islam
  • HUMN2439 Radical Political Thought
  • HUMN/PHIL2440 Human Rights
  • HUMN/PHIL3307 Slavery and Global Ethics
  • HUMN 4490.21D Politics and Culture
  • LANG3322 Latin-American Women Authors
  • PHIL2105 Current Moral and Social Issues
  • POLS2206 American Minority Politics
  • POLS3011 Human Rights in Global Environment
  • POLS3327 Civil Rights and Liberties
  • POLS4320 Women’s America
  • PSYC3311 Psychology of Love and Interpersonal Relations
  • PSYC3325 Psychology of Women
  • PSYC3370 Psychology of Men
  • PSYC3384 Theories of Personality

Course Descriptions