FDU Student Emergency Fund


The FDU Student Emergency Fund (SEF) is available to assist all currently enrolled, matriculated Fairleigh Dickinson University students who are attending the two New Jersey Campuses. These funds offer one-time temporary financial assistance for immediate and current emergency situations. Emergency situations involve circumstances which are beyond the student’s control including, but not limited to: death in the family, accident, loss of property, loss of income, or unanticipated educational expenses. Students must have exhausted all other sources of funding.


Students in need of assistance should note the following guidelines before submitting an application:

  • All requests are reviewed by a professional staff person in the Dean of Students Office. A meeting may be requested to discuss your application.
  • Approved funds may range. Financial assistance is on average approximately $200-$600. Factors considered include student status, the nature of the emergency, totality of hardship, other support available, and the immediate impact of the emergency on well-being.
  • Funds received may be considered as income and may impact financial aid unless paid to a third party. Funds should not be used in place of financial aid nor should they be considered a means to finance a student’s education, including any fee or tuition assessed by the University.
  • Each request should clearly identify the amount and purpose of funds requested along with at least two sources contacted for help before requesting assistance. Examples of eligible expenses include off-campus rent, utilities, transportation, food, medical care, or child care. Examples of ineligible expenses include Student Account charges (tuition, University fees, meal plan, residence hall rent, etc.) parking tickets or credit card debt.
  • Recipients may be asked to provide receipts upon request documenting the expenditure of funds. If a request is approved, funds may take up to two weeks from the date of approval to be processed. Most funds are provided in the form of a check.

Exemptions from these guidelines may be made at the discretion of the reviewer. Academic, financial and student conduct information may be used to determine eligibility. Applications will be treated as private and will be shared only on an as-needed basis.

Apply for FDU Student Emergency Funds

Use the Student Emergency Funds Application Form.

How to Support the Fund

The Student Emergency Fund is fully supported by private gifts from alumni, parents, friends, and most importantly fellow students through the annual graduating Class Gift Campaign. Contributions to the fund can be made by clicking below.