Accounts Payable

The office of Accounts Payable supports the University’s mission by providing professional, courteous and reliable service to its students, faculty, staff and vendors while maintaining high standards of quality to promote the University’s goals and objectives.  Through efficient, timely and accurate payment processing and reporting, the office of Accounts Payable assists in controlling the University’s expenditures and maximizing resources.


Check Request Form & Instructions

Check Request Form

When to use a Check Request of Purchase Order

Check Request for Wire Transfers

Independent Contractor Forms

Independent Contractor Agreement

Guide for Determining Workers’ Status

Non-Resident Alien Forms

Exemption from Withholding (8233)

Certificate of Foreign Status (8-BEN)

Foreign National Information

W-9 Form

Request for Taxpayer Identification

Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How often are checks issued?

 A. Checks are issued once a week on Thursdays and mailed out the same day.  If there are special mailing instructions, please contact Accounts Payable before Thursday.


Q. I sent an invoice to Accounts Payable to be paid, but just received a past due statement from the vendor.  Do I need to contact Accounts Payable?

A. Generally, invoices are paid according to invoice date (oldest first) and not when they are actually submitted to Accounts Payable.  There are some exceptions (lease payments, utilities, etc.) that require payment immediately upon receipt.  If you do receive a past due statement, please forward it to Accounts Payable or call to make sure the invoice has been paid.

Q. Can a repair invoice be submitted on a Check Request form since the work has been completed?

A. All repair, maintenance, and supply orders must be processed on a Purchase Order in advance of an order being requested.