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Oanda Currency Conversion

The Oanda website will convert monies spent for a specific date and is used by the Finance Department when auditing international expense reports.

Oanda website 

GL Account Questionnaire Docusign Form

Use the form button and complete the Power Form Signer Information page for the Requestor, Budget Officer, Dean and VP/Provost.

Next, click Begin Signing. On the New General Ledger Account Questionnaire page, all items in red boxes are required. Complete the form as you have normally done in the past, attach all appropriate backup documentation, then click finish. (You can save, print, or download a copy before you close it.) The form will then be sent to the Budget Officer, Dean, and VP/Provost for their approvals and signatures. You will receive another email when the document is complete and has been automatically sent to the Assistant Controller. If an approver fails to sign the document within 15 days, the GL Account Questionnaire will be cancelled.

The Assistant Controller receives completed documents to review and set up new GL accounts. They will send an email if any backup documentation is needed or if there are any questions.

If you have any issues or questions while completing the form, please feel free to contact Mary Ann Hollar at mahollar@fdu.edu.

GL Account Docusign Form

Post-Issuance Tax-Exempt Bond Compliance Policy

BOND Compliance Policy PDF

Salaries and Operating Expense Object Codes

Object Code List PDF

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) Policy

GLBA Policy