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Select Your Campus
Florham Campus
The Florham Campus in suburban Madison offers a classical undergraduate and graduate experience in a small college setting.
Discover Florham Campus
Metropolitan Campus
The Metropolitan Campus in Teaneck features a university atmosphere with diverse professional programs and an international perspective.
Discover Metropolitan Campus
Vancouver Campus
The Vancouver Campus delivers American degree programs in a cosmopolitan city with a melting pot of international students.
Discover Vancouver Campus
Wroxton College
Wroxton College in England provides American students an array of graduate and undergraduate courses with an enriching cultural experience.
Discover Wroxton College
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UPDATE: March 27, 2020
Regrettably, all Continuing Education programs with the exception of Paralegal Studies, Human Resources Management, and the Certificate in Financial Planning are suspended as we implement measures to protect students, faculty and families from unnecessary risks due to the Corona virus outbreak. We hope you understand that safety is our utmost concern in these unprecedented times. For more information, please contact