1098T Tax Form Information

To Obtain 1098-T Tax Forms:

For Domestic Students

  • 1098–T tax forms for previous year are provided to domestic students by January 31.
  • Tax forms are available online through your Self-Service account.

Who Is an Eligible Student?

To claim the American opportunity credit, the student for whom you pay qualified education expenses must be an eligible student. This is a student who meets all of the following requirements.

  • The student didn’t have expenses that were used to figure an American opportunity credit in any 4 earlier tax years.
  • The student hadn’t completed the first 4 years of post-secondary education (generally, the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years of college) before 2023.
  • For at least one academic period beginning in 2023 (or the first 3 months of 2024 if the qualified expenses were paid in 2023), the student was enrolled at least half-time in a program leading to a degree, certificate, or other recognized educational credential.
  • The student hasn’t been convicted of any federal or state felony for possessing or distributing a controlled substance as of the end of 2023.

This information can be found on page 18 of Publication 970, Tax Benefits Education at the IRS website.

For International Students

The University will mail 1098-T tax forms to International Students who have a Social Security Number or ITIN number on file with the University. However, if an International student has not provided the University with this information he or she must request a form, if needed. If you do not have a Social Security Number or ITIN number and do not plan to file US tax forms there is no need for you to obtain Form 1098-T.

Documentation required for processing of forms for International Students is as follows:

  • Proof of current address
  • Your Social Security Number or ITIN Number

Please submit all required documents either:

  • In person to the Office of Enrollment Services at your appropriate campus.
  • BY EMAILING esteafdu@fdu.edu
  • By mailing a copy of your Social Security Number or ITIN Number to your campus Enrollment Services office.

NOTE: Please allow 14 days to process 1098-T tax forms for International Students. This may vary depending on the number of requests received. Students will automatically be notified once forms are available.

For more information on IRS Tax Form 1098-T, please visit Heartland ECSI tax Documents and click on the box that says ‘Click here to Learn About Your 1098-T Tax Document’ or call Heartland ECSI at 1-866-428-1098.