Enrollment Services Forms

Many forms available on this page are fillable PDF forms that allow you to enter information into fields on the form. Please see How to access and utilize a fillable PDF

Forms for Student Use


Independent Study

Undergraduate students must complete at least sixty credits and be in good academic standing to be eligible for independent study coursework. No more than twelve credits of independent study are normally permitted toward degree fulfillment.

Students complete the first section of the Independent Study Form (pdf) and faculty mentors complete the second section. Once completed, Independent Study forms are submitted to The Office of Enrollment Services for registration processing.

If you have questions about registering for an Independent Study course, please contact your academic advisor.


Academic Class Schedule Change

  • Download form (PDF) and print it.
  • Complete all needed fields.
  • Get signatures.
  • Make three copies (College Dean or School Director, Department Chair, Enrollment Services).

Program Authorization and Course Authorization

Enter the name and email address of both the initiator and the dean who will need to approve the program or program change. Once you complete this step, you can begin to enter information on the form. You can also upload any supporting documentation. Once the form has been completed, the initiator will need to electronically sign the document and it will then be routed for all additional required signatures.

Program Authorization Form

Use new fillable Program Authorization Form online (docusign.net).

Course Authorization Form

Use new fillable Course Authorization Form online (docusign.net).

OR Downloadable printable CAF form (PDF)

  • Complete all needed fields
  • Get signatures
  • Make three copies (College Dean, Department/School Chair/Director, Enrollment Services)