Records Procedures and Services

The Registrar/Records office is part of The Office of Enrollment Services, which promotes the efforts of Fairleigh Dickinson University as a center for academic excellence by providing guidance and support to a diverse community of students, alumni, faculty, and administrators. The Registrar/Records office is an indispensable partner to the university’s academic divisions.

Basic Functions of the Registrar/Records office:

  • Maintain all academic student records
  • Review, confirm and certify degrees
  • Maintain and update Degree Audits
  • Receive, process and verify all academic grades, and grade changes
  • Oversee and process all transcript requests and degree verifications
  • Process all official withdrawals and leaves of absences
  • Process all changes to students’ programs and personal information

Registrar/Records Procedures and Services


Current active students may access their unofficial transcripts on Student Self Service. To order official transcripts, please visit our Transcripts page.


Students may request verifications of enrollment or verifications of degrees at the National Student Clearinghouse.

Graduation and Diplomas

Students may officially graduate in September, February, or May. In order to graduate in a specific semester (i.e. the semester in which all degree requirements will be completed), students must apply for graduation within the application deadline period. Please visit the Graduation and Diplomas page for details and deadlines.

Change of Information

Students requesting to change their personal information or address should visit the Change of Student Information page.


The Registrar/Records office is responsible for verifying all student grades and processing grade changes submitted by faculty. Visit the following pages for details on each of these processes:

Grading System and Grade Points

Please see the applicable Undergraduate or Graduate University Bulletin for details on Change of Grades and Grade Appeals.

Calculating your GPA

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing a student’s total grade points by the total attempted credits. There are several factors that affect a student’s GPA. For details and instructions on calculating your GPA, please visit our dedicated page here.

Degree Audit

Students are responsible for monitoring their academic progress by reviewing their Degree Audits frequently on Student Self Service.

Credits Taken at Other Academic Institutions

To obtain approval to take courses at another academic institution, students should submit an Off-Campus Authorization Form to the Office of Enrollment Services by email to or secure fax to 201-692-2209. Forms may be obtained from the Office of Enrollment Services by emailing Please note Department Chair and/or Dean’s signature may be required.

Prior to submitting the Off-Campus Authorization form, students should meet with an academic advisor to determine FDU course equivalencies, if any, and how the credits will apply to the student’s degree requirements. To check for FDU course equivalencies, you may view:

Please see the  University Bulletins for more information on eligibility requirements.

Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

For details on these requests, please visit Leave of Absence and Withdrawal.