Change of Academic Program

Change of Academic Program may include

  • declaring a major
  • adding or removing a major
  • adding or removing a minor or concentration

Students who wish to change their academic program, or declare/add or remove a major or minor may do so by submitting an Official Change of Academic Program form. Forms may be obtained in the Office of Enrollment Services at your appropriate campus. Please note that the Change of Academic Program may require Director/Chair and/or Dean’s signature. Please see your appropriate academic department for more information.

Undergraduate Grade Relief Privilege

When undergraduate students find it necessary to change their academic program, they may be relieved of grades of F and, at their discretion, grades of D, in subjects not required by the new academic program, for the purpose of recalculating the grade point ratio only.

This privilege is extended only once for a student in his or her college career at Fairleigh Dickinson University and must be exercised not later than the close of the student’s fourth semester. If granted, it is limited to a student who is matriculated with at least 16, but not more than 64 credits. It may not be used to circumvent prior faculty action.

This process may be implemented under the following circumstances:

  1. required by a faculty evaluation, or appeals committee or by the faculty of the student’s major.
  2. recognition by the student, with the endorsement of one or more faculty members, including his or her adviser, department chairperson or College dean, that the student has made a wrong choice and cannot hope to succeed in his or her present academic program. This procedure is selective and not automatic.

Independent Study

Students seeking approval to complete an Independent Study should first meet with their academic advisor. Students will also need to obtain a Mentor for the Independent Study. Independent Study forms are available in the Office of Enrollment Services. Please note that the Independent Study form may require the Mentor’s, Chairperson’s, and Dean’s signature.

Academic Leave of Absence/Withdrawal

Students, who wish to take an Academic Leave of Absence or to withdraw from the University due to transfer, personal, or financial reasons must submit an Official Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form. Please see guidelines below.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students can obtain the Academic Leave of Absence/Withdrawal form in the Dean of Students Office.

Academic Leave of Absence

An academic leave of absence that permits a student to return without penalty may be granted only to a matriculated student with a CGPR of 2.00 or higher. A leave may cover only one semester with the privilege of renewal for one more consecutive regular semester. A leave of absence may be granted for 1) medical, 2) financial, 3) employment and 4) military reasons. Verification in writing must be furnished where applicable by the physician, employer or other authority. Authority to grant an academic leave of absence resides with the dean of students.


A student must notify the campus Office of Enrollment Services, in writing, on the form provided, of his or her intention to withdraw from study. The penalties for withdrawing on the first day of the semester, and after, are published on page 23 of this bulletin, on the reverse side of the registration and program change forms, and in the fall, spring and summer Course Booklets.

Graduate Students

Graduate students can obtain the Leave of Absence/Withdrawal Form in the Office of Enrollment Services. Please see your appropriate campus department for more information.

Academic Leave of Absence

A leave of absence allows students to interrupt their graduate studies if necessary. A leave of absence is granted for one semester with the privilege of renewal for one more consecutive semester. Request for a leave of absence must be approved in writing by the student’s department chairperson or school director and the college dean. (Information on procedures for requesting a leave of absence is available from the Office of Enrollment Services on each campus.) Students wishing to renew their leave of absence also must do so in writing. Students who have been granted a leave of absence will be maintained as students in good standing during the semester in which a leave of absence is taken, but will be discontinued from graduate study unless students register the semester following a leave of absence, or request and are granted an extension of the leave of absence.


Students must notify the Office of Enrollment Services in writing of their intention to withdraw from graduate study. Students who wish to return at a later date must reapply through the Admissions Office.