Pass/No Credit

Undergraduate Students

Fully matriculated undergraduate students are eligible to take courses for Pass/No Credit (P/NC) only if they have completed a minimum of 64 credits in residence and are in good academic standing, except for students enrolled in courses that use only such grading. Courses at Wroxton College may not be taken P/NC. Forms for this process are available in the Office of Enrollment Services and must be completed within the first three weeks of the semester (within the first week for summer sessions).

A maximum of 12 credits of Pass/No Credit course work may be applied toward the degree, with no more than 3 credits or one course (whichever is greater) taken in one semester. Such course work can be taken in free elective courses only, not in major course work or to satisfy curriculum requirements. Interpretations of curriculum requirements and elective courses are made by the dean’s office of the student’s College.

Courses for which a P grade is earned will count toward the credit requirement for the baccalaureate degree requirements. In neither case will the semester or cumulative grade point ratio (CGPR) be affected by a P or an NC grade. A weighted letter grade will not be provided after the P/NC option has been declared. The student is counseled to apprise himself or herself of the professional and/or graduate school requirements prior to making a decision to elect a P or NC grade. Departmental and counseling service personnel are available to assist the student in making this decision.

Undergraduate students, who wish to request to take a course as Pass/No Credit must submit the Pass/No Credit Request form to the Office of Enrollment Services by email to or secure fax to 201-692-2209.

Please submit all completed forms to the Office of Enrollment Services by email to or secure fax to 201-692-2209.