How to Calculate Your G.P.A.

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing a student’s total grade points by the total attempted credits. Transfer credits and courses, graded as Pass/No Credit, Audit, or Labs that do not receive a grade, will not be factored into the GPA. Courses taken as approved Off-Campus credits will receive a grade and be factored into the GPA.

*Please note that any grade of “F” will be calculated into the GPA, except for grades excluded by the Undergraduate Repeat Policy. See Below.

Repeated Courses

Undergraduate Students:

If a student repeats a course, both the first and second (third, etc.) grades will remain on the transcript, but only the last earned grade will be computed in the cumulative grade point ratio (CGPR). (Note: weighted NC, W, I and AU are not considered earned grades.) Any repeated course taken to remove the credits attempted and any grade points earned from a lesser previous grade must originally have been taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University and must also be repeated at Fairleigh Dickinson University. If a student has been found guilty of academic dishonesty, the F grade for this course is not to be removed from the student’s transcript or from the cumulative grade point ratio calculation when the course is repeated.

Graduate Students:

If a student repeats a course, both the first and the second grade will remain on the transcript and will be computed into the cumulative grade point ratio.

G.P.A. Equation

Semester GPA:

Semester GPA = Total Grade Points for Semester/Total Attempted Credits for Semester

Example: 10/SP GPA = 60 Grade Points/15 Attempted Credits = 4.0

Cumulative GPA:

CGPA = Total Grade Points/Total Attempted Credits

Example: CGPA = 512 Grade Points/128 Attempted Credits = 4.0

G.P.A. Calculator

*Please refer to your transcript for Cumulative Credits and GPA. When using this tool only, use the total completed credits for Cumulative Credits to get accurate result.