How to Calculate Your G.P.A.

A student’s grade point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing a student’s total grade points by the total attempted credits. The following will not be factored into the GPA:

  • Transfer credits
  • Courses graded as Pass/No Credit
  • Courses graded as Audit
  • Lab courses that do not receive a grade

Grades for approved courses taken off-campus will not transfer in and will not be factored into the GPA.

Please note that any grade of “F” will be calculated into the GPA, except for grades excluded by the Undergraduate Repeat Policy. See Below.

Repeated Courses

Undergraduate Students:

If a student repeats a course, both the first and second (third, etc.) grades will remain on the transcript, but only the last earned grade will be computed in the cumulative grade point ratio (CGPR). (Note: weighted NC, W, I and AU are not considered earned grades.) Any repeated course taken to remove the credits attempted and any grade points earned from a lesser previous grade must originally have been taken at Fairleigh Dickinson University and must also be repeated at Fairleigh Dickinson University. If a student has been found guilty of academic dishonesty, the F grade for this course is not to be removed from the student’s transcript or from the cumulative grade point ratio calculation when the course is repeated.

Graduate Students:

If a student repeats a course, both the first and the second grade will remain on the transcript and will be computed into the cumulative grade point ratio.

G.P.A. Equation

Semester GPA:

Semester GPA = Total Grade Points for Semester/Total Attempted Credits for Semester

Example: 10/SP GPA = 60 Grade Points/15 Attempted Credits = 4.0

Cumulative GPA:

CGPA = Total Grade Points/Total Attempted Credits

Example: CGPA = 512 Grade Points/128 Attempted Credits = 4.0

G.P.A. Calculator

*Please refer to your transcript for Cumulative Credits and GPA. When using this tool only, use the total completed credits for Cumulative Credits to get accurate result.