Inter-Campus Transfer Request

Students who wish to change their home campus must submit an Inter-Campus Transfer Application Form. This form must be submitted either in person or by mail to the student’s current campus for processing.

In order to ensure adequate processing for a campus transfer, the deadlines for filing are: 

  • August 1  – Fall Semester
  • December 1 – Spring Semester

Please note that all Inter-Campus Transfer Applications will be processed at the end of the current semester.

Change of Academic Program:

Students, who are submitting an Inter-Campus Transfer Application and will either be changing their academic program, or whose academic program is not offered at the intended campus, must also submit a completed Change of Academic Program form with the completed Inter-Campus Transfer Application form.

The Change of Academic Program form can be obtained in the Office of Enrollment Services.

If you have questions about what Academic Programs are offered at each campus, please contact the academic department.

Please submit completed form/s to appropriate address below:

Teaneck or Rutherford students:

For information contact 
(201) 692-2215

Fairleigh Dickinson University Records Office 
1000 River Road – T-KB1-05 
Teaneck, New Jersey 07666 

Madison students:

For information contact 
(973) 443-8600

Fairleigh Dickinson University 
Records Office – M-MSO-04 
285 Madison Avenue 
Madison, New Jersey 07940