1st Annual Symposium

Cybersecurity & Information Assurance

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Forensics Demonstration


This demonstration will highlight two commonly used software forensics tools that help extract simulated digital evidence from a digital camera and a cell phone. One of the pictures from these devices has the GPS coordinates embedded in it. A software tool will be applied to the picture to display a satellite view and the street map of where the picture was taken. This information helps in crime scene analysis and investigation. Other investigation tools such as a write blocker, a forensic examination machine, and the Cellebrite Mobile Forensics and Data Transfer system will be shown. Some consumer items that information security professionals encounter in the field, such as a tie with a microphone and a camera, will also be demonstrated.


Presentation by Dr. Eamon Doherty, Associate Professor and Director, Cybercrime Training Laboratory, Petrocelli College of Continuing Studies, FDU, Teaneck, NJ

Presentation by Elly Goei, Alumnus, FDU, Teaneck, NJ