Industrial Advisory Board

Fairleigh Dickinson University (FDU) has many Advisory Boards at the programmatic, School, and College levels. All of them include prominent alumni and influential business professionals. They bring in their expertise and advice on items related to programs, courses, and student placement among other things. Their insights and efforts enhance the quality of academic programs, enrich student experiences at FDU, and help develop strong networking between industry and academia.

Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering Computer Science, Information Technology, and Cybersecurity Industrial Advisory Board

This Industrial Advisory Board (IAB) comprises of invited members from the local industries and prominent alumni. The joint IAB for programs in the three disciplines, offered by the Gildart Haase School of Computer Sciences and Engineering (GHSCSE) has been in existence since 2018. The IAB meets twice a year and the minutes of the meetings are disseminated among GHSCSE faculty members for information and actions.

Charter and Activities

  • The IAB includes industry professionals in the fields of Computer Science, Information Technology and/or Cybersecurity.
  • The IAB meeting is convened twice a year by GHSCSE and all associated faculty members are invited to attend.
  • The IAB members review the program objectives and student outcomes per Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET (CAC-ABET) requirements as well as NCAE-C requirements.
  • The IAB members review new courses and programs initiated by GHSCSE. They provide their insight into the current trends in the business.
  • The IAB members discuss about CAC-ABET accreditations, NCAE-C designation, etc. and provide important guidance.
  • The IAB members learn about the GHSCSE student outreach, enrollment, graduation, and placement activities and provide valuable information on student internships.

Current Membership

  • Mark Bednarz – Partner, PKF O’Connor Davies, LLP
  • Andre DiMino – President, ADMTronics Unlimited, Inc.
  • Paul T. Donoghue – Past President, Highlands Technologies, Inc.
  • K. Dawn Dunkerley – vCISO,
  • Bruce Fogel – Formerly Director, Program Management Office, AMC Health
  • Susan Fowler – Manager, Healthy Neighborhoods, City Harvest, Inc.
  • Anthony Gaeta – Booz Allen Hamilton
  • Rodney Harp, PMP – Lead Applications Developer, Robotics Process Automation, UPS
  • Alan Klayman – Founder, & Klayman Financial, LLC, Saybrus Partners
  • Dr. Avi Ma’yan – Professor, Department of Pharmacological Sciences and Director, Mount Sinai Center for Bioinformatics, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai
  • Joan Madden – Director, Application Development, UPS
  • Scott Allen Saccal – Merck & Co., Inc.
  • Walter Schneider – BAE Systems – ECS
  • Jonathan Stanton – Director of New Media, Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.

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