CSEOP Outreach

Computing and Security Enrichment Outreach Program (CSEOP)

CSEOP introduces cybersecurity to aspiring college-bound students over a ten-week long program that is delivered at the University on consecutive Saturdays in both spring and fall semesters. FDU faculty cover core concepts of computers, networking, robotics, and criminal justice before the students learn about cybercrime and criminal investigations. They  get exposed to Python programming and game programming concepts prior to learning and experimenting with ethical hacking. Concepts on cryptography  follow its applications in information security.

CSEOP  emphasizes seven major area concentrations of particular relevance and interest for budding cybersecurity technologists: Computing Security and Python, Game Programming using Scratch, Internet Security and Cryptography, GoPiGo robots and its Programming, Elements of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Ethical Hacking, Introduction to Criminal Justice and Forensics. The Program  engages and cultivates student interests in this emerging and important discipline of information technology.

Cybersecurity Training for Livingston High School Educators

Date/Date:  TBA
Location:  Fairleigh Dickinson University, Florham Campus, NAB #210
Event(s):  Arranged by Invitation. Inquires should be addressed to Dr. Neelu Sinha at sinha@fdu.edu.

The National CyberWatch Cybersecurity Educator Academy for High School Teachers

The Academy is designed to create a nation-wide cohort of high school trained faculty. Selection is highly competitive and is based on teacher qualifications, administrator recommendation, skills assessment, and commitment to deliver a cybersecurity program of study, or integrate cybersecurity concepts within their courses. Successful applicants are chosen from those who teach high school computer science, networking, career technology Education (CTE) or technology academy courses.

The academy is an intensive year round professional development program. Participants receive:

  • Preparation to deliver the Security + content
    • 40 hours of instruction and 20 hours of mentoring using an online environment as a venue, along with 24/7 access to Lab on Demand.
  • Preparation to deliver the Microcomputers Operating Systems content.
  • 40 hours of instruction and 20 hours of mentoring using an online environment as a venue, along with 24/7 access to Lab on Demand.
  • Other online and face to face training sessions.

Educators who complete the National CyberWatch Cybersecurity Educator Academy requirements become National CyberWatch Cybersecurity Certified Educators. Certified educators are expected to deliver the Cybersecurity Program of Study, or integrate cybersecurity concepts within their courses. They will also share the impact of their work with other CyberWatch Certified Educators and add to the repository of online resources.

In addition to training, National CyberWatch Cybersecurity Certified Educators receive:

  • Access to the CyberWatch Certified Online Community
  • Access to additional cybersecurity resources
  • Opportunities to give the National CyberWatch Center feedback on educational content and resources
  • Invitations to join the National CyberWatch Center at special events, and
  • The right to post the National CyberWatch Cybersecurity Certified Educators web badge on their website or other resources.

Click here for more information on how to apply.

Middle College (MC) Program

FDU’s Middle College program gives college-bound juniors and seniors the opportunity to experience university-style learning before they even graduate high school. FDU is currently affiliated with more than 95 high schools throughout the State of New Jersey targeting academically qualifying students in advanced and honors sections in subjects such as literature, science, art, mathematics, and other courses.

Capitalizing on the Middle College program, the Center for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance is finalizing formal collaborations with several New Jersey High Schools with an emphasis on science and technology concentrations.  Students will take part in lectures and have access to more sophisticated laboratories for hands-on cybersecurity and IA experiments on the Metropolitan and Florham campuses. FDU faculty will schedule visits with the high schools to supplement ongoing instruction. FDU faculty and staff also supervise students at various intellectual and cultural activities throughout the northern New Jersey and New York metropolitan area.

Community College Partners (CCP)

The Community College Partners (CCP) program encourages a pathway from associate degree programs or other credit equivalencies to the baccalaureate or master’s degree, providing reciprocity for credits earned under FDU-approve courses/programs while servicing students in underrepresented areas of the State. FDU currently partners with eight community colleges in New Jersey.

The Center Cybersecurity and Information Assurance program is finalizing negotiations with existing and new CCPs to offer students an early cybersecurity and IA academic and career pathway.


To learn more about any of the above partnership programs, community and corporate opportunities, including opportunities for course evaluations, teacher and student eligibility, etc., please contact Mr. Mark A. Robertson (201) 692-2390 or maroberts@fdu.edu