Learning Communities

Becton College offers several opportunities for incoming students to participate in designated Learning Communities (LC) as part of their first-year experience. LC’s make use of a cohort system whereby students will take Introductory classes in the major (and in some cases, General Education courses) with other incoming students who either share the major or the area of interest. Students are also placed into a LC-specific section of UNIV1001: Transitioning to University Life. UNIV1001 is the first course in the University Core program which provides support for the transition to university life.

In addition to completing coursework with a group of like-minded students, LC’s also engage in activities as a group outside of the classroom. These activities may include field trips or visits from invited guests with expertise in their respective fields, hands-on and project-based research with faculty, as well as engaging with the local community through service projects and events.

Overall, Learning Communities offer a unique opportunity to work, both inside and outside of the classroom, with full-time faculty and fellow students in your major during your first year of study here at FDU’s Florham Campus.

Want to learn more? Please reach out to the Learning Community Mentors noted below.

Learning Community Mentors

School of the Arts (Florham)

Biology (Florham)

Biology (Metro)

Computer Science (Florham)

Criminal Justice (Metro) 

History and Government (Florham)