Advanced Level Nursing Tuition and Fees

Fees are estimates and subject to change. Please notify faculty if student cost of any item is found to be more than 20% above estimated cost, to confirm the accuracy of the purchase.

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CastleBranch (myCB)

  • This is a medical document manager used to collect and store all clinical compliance documentation.
  • The fee is paid directly to Castlebranch.
  • New students
    • One-time setup compliance tracker ($45)
    • Initial background check NJ ($70)
    • Urine Drug test ($55)
  • Returning students
    • Re-check background check NJ ($55)
    • Urine drug test ($50-$100)

Malpractice Insurance with Student Nurse Practitioner Rider

  • Required upon enrollment to NURS 6620.
  • Rates vary depending on your carrier – pay your malpractice insurance carrier/insurance company directly.
  • A copy of student malpractice insurance certificate to be uploaded to myCB. 

Shadow Health’s Digital Clinical Experiences

  • Application for students to demonstrate and perfect their clinical reasoning skills through lifelike interactions with Digital Standardized Patients provided by Shadow Health from Elsevier.
  • Fee paid directly to Shadow Health.
  • Course instructor will communicate payment and set up instructions prior to the due date.


  • This is a data entry system used by graduate students in the nurse practitioner tracks to document their clinical hours and clinical logs.
  • Fee paid directly to Typhon Group – students will receive an email with information on how to register/pay prior to the due date.
  • The “NPST” Typhon system is used, which is associated with a $100 one-time fee.


  • This is a data entry system used by DNP students to document their practice hours.
  • Fee paid directly to Trajecsys – students will receive information on how to register/pay during their DNP Synthesis (NURS 802) course.
  • It is recommended that students register for a 24-month subscription, which is associated with a $150 fee. (Additional 6-month subscriptions are available for $50, if a student needs to extend their period of enrollment in the DNP Program.)

Clinical Practice Resources (All APN students)

  • Provides training in invasive exam clinical skills utilizing Gynecologic Teaching Associates and Male Urogenital Teaching Associates.
  • One-time fee paid to Associates at the time of the training session ($200).

Course-specific Textbooks and other Course Resources/Supplies

  • Textbooks and other resources are recommended/required in most courses.
  • Cost varies depending if student purchases directly from a publisher, from University Bookstore, or through a used book program, or if e-books are used (typically $1,000).
  • Access FDU Libraries (free to students) for additional resources.


  • Healthcare educational and point-of-care resources that are required throughout APN program tracks are provided by StatPearls.
  • The fee is paid directly to StatPearls ($90).

Controlled Substance Education Course

  • Required continuing education course for all DEA-Registered prescribers.
  • Cost varies depending on continuing education provider ($125).
  • Fees are paid directly to continuing education provider.

National Certification Review Course and Practice Test

  • This is a comprehensive multimedia package designed to prepare students for the national specialty certification exam.
  • Fees are paid directly to Barkley & Associates (or comparable program) and vary by specialty:
    • FNP -$450
    • AGPCNP -$400
    • PMHNP -$450
    • WHNP – $450
  • Purchased during student registration for NURS 7756
  • Program/Track Directors will communicate payment and set up instructions prior to the due date.

Pins (Optional)

National Examination and State Board Licensure Fees

  • The current fee to take a Nurse Practitioner national specialty examination (i.e., ANCC, AANP, or NCC) is between $300 and $400. 
  • The New Jersey Board of Nursing requires that APNs hold an RN license in the state, including paying all fees associated with RN license.
  • APNs are also charged a nonrefundable $100 application fee, an $80-$160 initial certification fee (depending on expiration date of RN license), and a $40 registration fee for Controlled Dangerous Substances. (Other state fees vary – students should contact the appropriate nursing board office for application/registration information.)