Metro Campus Parking and Traffic Regulations

Metropolitan Campus

It is the policy of the Department of Public Safety that every vehicle on campus must have some identification showing it is legitimately on campus. Faculty, staff and students will be issued appropriate decals. Visitors, guests, vendors and all others will be issued a parking pass.

Campus Parking Lots

Weekend Parking Rules are in effect Friday at 5 PM to Sunday at Midnight. All decaled vehicles are allowed to park in any lot and any space.

*SPECIAL NOTE: The area in the North Lot from Bancroft Hall West to the entrance road must remain clear from Friday nights at 9 PM until Sunday night at 9 PM for the Motorcycle Training Program. During this period we ask that you park your vehicle in the white lined area near the guardrail along the river or you can take advantage of the weekend parking rules. If your vehicle is parked in the training areas, it will be towed and moved to another location in the lot. A second or any subsequent tows will result in a $25.00 fine.