Enhanced Freshman Experience

EFE Program Overview

EFE is a comprehensive academic program designed for students whose high school background indicates they would benefit from structured support as they begin college studies. It requires a major personal commitment, immersing the student in a highly structured program of study that will demand full dedication. Students chosen for the EFE program are carefully selected based on strong evidence of their educational ability to succeed in college studies. Enrollment is limited to assure that each student receives a learning experience tailored to his or her specific needs. The program offers range of course work that gives the student basic skills support and advanced studies where appropriate.

There are four distinguishing curriculum features:

Pre-Selected Courses: All first semester classes will be chosen for the student, largely based on their academic record and performance on the placement test taken prior to the start of classes. The EFE year features a basic liberal arts curriculum. Each term the student will take from two to four special EFE supported classes as well as select non-EFE classes. Non-EFE class selection is based upon the student’s academic interests, strengths and the prerequisites for the major the student is interested in. Class attendance is mandatory and monitored, and will affect academic standing.

A Reduced Credit Load: Students in the EFE program, will carry a reduced 12-credit load during their first semester. If the student achieves a 2.0 or better GPA , they may take 15 credits during their second semester. This lighter academic load lets the student dedicate more hours of study to their classes and gives them additional time for tutoring and other academic support.

“Will I be able to Graduate in four Years?”

The ability to graduate in four years depends on two factors: academic major and personal motivation. During the student’s year of study in the EFE Program at Fairleigh Dickinson University, they can earn anywhere from 25 to 31 full-time academic credits. EFE students do not declare a major their freshman year. Though most students will be able to get their degree in four years, some majors (the sciences, engineering, health care, and teacher education) have curricular requirements that may make it necessary to extend your studies

Mission and Value Statement

Mission Statement

The Enhanced Freshman Experience (EFE) Program strives to ensure that its participants attain an academically and socially rewarding first-year experience. This is accomplished through a unique collaboration of academic mentorship and personal commitment. The provision of this solid first-year experience serves as a launching pad for the successful completion of their collegiate experience.

Value Statement

As an important part of a global institution, Fairleigh Dickinson University, the Enhanced Freshman Experience Program (EFE) is committed to providing an educational environment that stimulates and encourages its students to study and explore the global community and their role in it.  Emphasis is placed on self-awareness and building intellectual capital.

Academic Review Action Policy

All students enrolled in the Enhanced Freshman Experience (EFE) Program on the Metropolitan Campus of Fairleigh Dickinson University will undergo an Academic Review by the Director of EFE and the EFE Academic Review Action Committee at the end of the spring semester and at the end of the summer session.  This review will take place as soon as grades are available.  Student performance in all classes taken while in the EFE Program will be considered.

Any EFE student who does not have a GPA of at least 2.0 at the end of the third summer semester or has not passed both fundamental courses (ENGL 0098 and MATH 0198) by the spring semester will be subject to dismissal from the EFE Program and the University.

EFE Grant

Students who successfully complete the EFE program with at least 25 graduation credits and a 2.0 GPA or better will receive a $5,000 grant for the sophomore year, renewable for the junior and senior years if the 2.0 GPA is maintained.

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