FDU Vancouver Visits You

Vancouver Marketing & Recruitment Team Travels to You

Vancouver’s Marketing and Recruitment team travels throughout the world to meet with prospective students.

The new travel schedule, including university fairs at many secondary schools, will be listed here as soon as it is finalized.

To request a meeting/interview with a FDU representative, please send an email to us at vancouver@fdu.edu. Write “INTERVIEW-name of city-NAME OF COUNTRY” in the subject line. Example: “INTERVIEW-Delhi-INDIA”. In addition, please indicate your FULL name, your intended major, whether you wish to pursue an undergraduate or a graduate degree and the time of day that would be best to meet. Please note that we will NOT always be able to accommodate your request.

Please note that we have limited times for interviews. If we are unable to accommodate you, please meet us at the university fair.

Meet your Marketing and Recruitment Team





Amy Yan
Director of Marketing and Recruitment





Gi Eun (Jeanette) Lee
Associate Director of Marketing and Recruitment






Rafaela Freitas
Assistant Director of Marketing and Recruitment





Peter Guo
Marketing and Communications Coordinator