If you are not eligible for a deferral according to our Deferral policy or applied previously and did not accept the offer but are still interested in pursuing studies at FDU Vancouver, you will need to submit a new application for the next available term. 

Reapplications undergo review based on the current requirements for the upcoming application cycle. Upon approval of admission, a new tuition deposit is required prior to the issuance of the new Letter of Acceptance. 

Please note that if you are not eligible for a deferral and don’t qualify for a refund with your previous application, your non-refundable tuition deposit will be forfeited. If you do qualify for a refund from your previous application, you have the option to transfer the fund to the new application cycle as tuition. The refund cannot be used to pay for your new tuition deposit.  

Overpaid funds from your previous application could be carried forward to the new application cycle or refunded. You can choose to use the fund towards your payment for the new tuition deposit. Before reapplying, please check FDU refund policy. 

It is important that you submit all the information and documents regarding visa application statuses (e.g., visa rejection, judicial review, current visa status etc.) when reapplying as it helps the admissions officers make decisions regarding the eligibility for a deferral or refund. Reapplications will only be processed after all these documents are received. Please review the Reapplication Guide for additional information on what documents you need to provide. 

If you are undergoing a judicial review with IRCC, you should ONLY submit a reapplication when you have received a decision regarding your judicial review application has been finalized.