Admitted Students at Vancouver Campus

two FDU students smiling while sharing a textbook and working on a laptop

Congratulations on your acceptance to FDU-Vancouver campus programs! We are looking forward to your joining our international community!

How do I know I am accepted?

FDU Vancouver admissions team will notify you by e-mail on your acceptance. You will have to log in into your Applicant’s Portal to view the details of your offer. You can download the offer for your future reference.

The offer will have details on what you need to do next.

To reserve the seat in the program, you will have to pay a tuition deposit that will become part of your future tuition payment. Please check the links in your Letter of Offer with details on how to pay the deposit.

If you have difficulty making a payment, please contact our Admissions team at

I am accepted into the Master’s program. How do I know how much tuition and fees I will have to pay?

Tuition is paid per semester. The payment is due after you register for classes.

Please refer to the Graduate Tuition and Fees section on our website for estimated tuition cost details for your program.

Please note that all students are required to take an English Placement Test upon arrival on campus. Placement into classes is contingent on the English Placement Test results. If you are required to take Pre-Master’s English program, a flat Pre-Master’s fee will be added to your degree program cost.

How do I prepare for FDU English Placement test?

Please refer to our website resources for information about the test and tips on how to prepare for it.

I am an Undergraduate student and I received a Scholarship offer from FDU. How do I know how much my program is going to cost me?

Congratulations on your academic achievement! As a not-for-profit private University, FDU is committed to offering generous scholarships to academically talented students like you!

Please refer to “How does scholarship work” page for details on how to understand your tuition structure.

Please note that all students are required to take an English Placement Test upon arrival on campus. Placement into classes is contingent on the English Placement Test results. If you are required to take Pre-University’s English program, a flat Pre-University fee will be added to your degree program cost.

Where can I get information about the living costs in Vancouver?

Please refer to our Pre-Arrival section on the website for information on living costs, medical insurance, and accommodation.

How do I accept my Offer?

Please log in into your Applicant’s Portal and fill in your “Decision Response Form”. Select “Accept” first and then confirm the term when you want to start the program.

Please note that if you accept the Offer, you can only defer your admission one time to the next available term.

Once you pay the tuition deposit, it is recommended that you upload confirmation of your payment to the Checklist under “Additional Documents” tabs.

Note: Please note that the tuition deposit is ONLY refundable (less US$310 registration fee) if your application for a Study Permit is denied by Canadian Immigration.

Please visit Vancouver Campus refund policy page for more details

I am an International student and I need a Letter of Acceptance to apply for my Canadian Study Permit. How do I receive it?

Once your tuition deposit is confirmed, Admission team will send you the e-mail when your Letter of Acceptance and Tuition Deposit Receipt are ready. Just log in into your Applicant’s Portal and download the documents from your Checklist. You will use them to apply for the Canadian Study Permit.

Please contact our Admissions Team at if you have any questions regarding the information in your Letter of Acceptance.

How do I prepare for my arrival on campus?

Please visit the Student Services web pages for pre-arrival information on housing, health insurance, etc. Our Student Services office will contact you with further information a few weeks before your program begins. Check your e-mails regularly!

Does my Letter of Acceptance expire?

Yes! Please check the expiry date on your Letter of Acceptance. It is the last day to arrive on campus. If you cannot arrive before the indicated date, you will not be able to start your program in that term. Please contact the Vancouver Admissions team at to request more information on the deferral procedures.

How do I apply for the refund of my deposit?

Students who received a visa denial or wish to cancel their application can apply for a refund by submitting a Refund Request Form. Additional refund information can be found here.