Pre-University Program


When international students first enter a North American university, many are often surprised by the gap between the academic English language skills expected of them compared to their own general English language skills. Combined with a new environment and differences in culture, international students may feel overwhelmed and under-prepared, which can lead to academic struggles.

Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Pre-University Program (PUP) focuses on helping international students overcome these obstacles. International students who meet the University’s admission standards, but who require additional training in academic English and learning skills, are placed in the PUP. The strategic assistance and positive and supportive learning environment prepare students for academic success as they gain full entry to the degree program of their choice.

Program Highlights

  • One-term course of study, offered three times in the academic year, with start and end times that correspond with the University’s academic calendar: 15 weeks in Fall and Spring semesters; 10 weeks in Summer semester
  • Three courses that offer breadth and depth for student development (see Courses below)
  • Opportunities to address the most common causes of difficulties that international students encounter:
    • adjusting to university learning in a North American culture and meeting university-level expectations, including a focus on study skills and learning strategies
    • learning relevant background knowledge, technical terminology, and academic and professional communication skills, including leading and participating in presentations and discussions  
    • improving academic English language skills   
    • developing research and thinking skills necessary to prepare academic essays and assignments, which includes accessing credible sources, reading and analyzing information; using sources effectively; following the MLA stylesheet
  • Small classes, which ensure students receive highly individualized attention to meet their unique needs
  • Access to the Academic Writing Center,  which offers additional support through tutoring and workshops: e.g., improving academic reading and writing; developing advanced academic English language skills; using the FDU library and doing research; understanding specific academic content; delivering effective presentations; managing group assignments. This support is free to all students enrolled at FDU.

In one semester, students may take courses (see list below) that could earn up to 11 credits toward the undergraduate degree program of their choice.


PUP Courses

Course  name Hours per week

                                                               Credits earned

EPS 0099 Academic Writing Skills 6.0 4.5 (non-academic credits*)
EPS 0199 Workshop in Academic Skills 3.0 1.5 (non-academic credits*)

*Courses with “non-academic credits” require a Pass, which means each course appears on the transcript, but results do not affect a student’s Grade Point Average (GPA). EPS 0099 and 0199 are concurrent and interconnected.

Degree Program Courses

Course  name Hours per week

                                                               Credits earned

EGTG 2201 Applied Calculus 3.0 3
DSCI 1234 Business Math 3.0 3
MATH 1105 College Algebra 3.0 4
INFO 1101 Computer Concepts & Technology 3.0 3
MIS 1045 Software Applications in Business 3.0 3
UNIV 1000 Freshman Seminar 1.0  1