Vancouver Academic Programs

Undergraduate Degree Programs

The Vancouver Campus offers the following academic programs leading to the Bachelor of Science (BS) degree from Fairleigh Dickinson University. We also offer a Bachelor of Arts degree.

For the most part, instructional delivery consists of in-person classroom-based lectures. In the appropriate subjects, lecture courses have a fully integrated laboratory component.

Graduate Degree Programs

  • The Master of Administrative Science (MAS) degree is a 30-credit degree to enhance the administrative and leadership skills of graduates. The program combines both cognitive and affective (interactive) instruction through case studies, simulations, individual and group exercises, and fieldwork that helps to develop critical managerial effectiveness. The MAS educational experience seeks to develop critical administrative competencies in a supportive learning environment in conjunction with specific and clear feedback.
  • The Master of Science in Applied Computer Science (MSACS) is a 30-credit program that prepares students for the direct pursuit of productive careers in industry and for continued graduate study. The program educates professionals to become leaders in various areas of computer science ranging from software engineering to computer design, and from systems analysis to the management of information systems.
  • The Master of Hospitality Management Studies (MHMS) degree is an academically rigorous, flexible program of study designed for those wishing to enter into or advance their careers in various hospitality related professions. The 30 credit MHMS builds the analytical, managerial and leadership competencies needed by managers, entrepreneurs, educators and other professionals in the hospitality and tourism sector.  Taught by faculty with outstanding academic credentials and real-world experience, MHMS students study current issues with instructors who are actively engaged in the hospitality industry.

Pre-University Program

The Pre-University Program provides one semester of advanced academic English-language training for students who meet the University’s admission standards but require additional training in speaking and/or writing at an academic level. Students matriculate into one of the four-degree programs listed above at the completion of the Pre-University Program.

Pre-Masters Program

The Pre-Master’s Program provides international students with the advanced academic skills they need to be successful in the Master of Administrative Science (MAS) and Master of Hospitality Management Studies (MHMS) degree programs. Students who enroll in the program meet all the academic admission requirements, but require additional preparation in academic reading, writing, and research skills at the graduate level. Students can self-select to take this program or be placed in the program based on the outcome of the Vancouver Campus English Placement Test.