Vancouver Academic Tutorial Support

Vancouver Academic Tutorial Support

The Writing Centre provides assistance for students, whether they need answers for one specific question, information for developing a new skill, help over a period of time to complete a paper or project, or on-going support in a course. Through one-on-one tutoring and group workshops, students can receive the support that they need. Tutoring is free of charge.

Writing Centre Staff

If you have inquiries or need help, you will want to connect with the writing staff, who can guide you to the appropriate service and assistance.

The Writing Centre website, Vancouver Academic Writing, provides important and detailed information about opportunities and procedures as well as links for booking sessions for person-to-person or on-line tutoring and group and on-line workshops.

For information about current FDU Workshops, watch for email announcements and information posted around the campus.

Tutoring (Vancouver Campus)

Most tutoring is delivered by writing Centre staff and student (peer) tutors who have the expertise to help if you are having challenges in an academic program.  By arrangement, sessions may be in-person or on-line.


Students are matched with tutors who can best suit particular needs. Writing Centre staff usually focus on giving assistance for general academic assignments and the English language. However, student tutors who have demonstrated strong academic success in relevant subject areas are also available to provide support across the curriculum. For example, we seek tutors for the following:

  • Business Statistics
  • Economics
  • Business Math
  • Finance
  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Additional course and content areas, as needed

Student tutors must demonstrate that they

  • Have been academically successful and demonstrate effective study practices
  • Possess solid course content knowledge
  • Can communicate effectively with students from diverse backgrounds
  • Are current Vancouver campus students and are interested in the success of other students

Self-Initiated Requests

Any student who is currently enrolled may request to receive assistance up to two hours per week for help in a variety of areas:

  • To clarify expectations of homework assignments and term papers
  • To increase reading comprehension with textbooks and journals
  • To improve research strategies, including writing with research
  • To improve aural comprehension of lectures
  • To develop strong note-taking skills
  • To complete an individual or group assignment
  • To prepare for exams


A student may be referred by an instructor or program director because of a specific academic difficulty: e.g., struggling with course content or academic language requirements, achieving poor grades, or dealing with academic probation.

All referral students are eligible for up to two hours per week in subjects for which they are deemed to be at academic risk.

Tutors help students learn and implement strategies to improve their academic development and achieve success in their program of study. Students who participate in the program are more likely to raise their GPAs and be released from academic probation than students who try to manage on their own.

Online Tutoring (For All FDU Students)

In addition to providing students with the on-campus writing centre and tutorial services, FDU has partnered with a tutoring service that is available 24/7.

You can access this free, unlimited online tutoring at Smarthinking or click on the Smarthinking link in WebCampus.

For login, use your FDU NetID (FDU email + password).