Canadian Copyright

Copyright Policy

The  Vancouver Campus has purchased a print photocopying licence through Access Copyright, the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency. These guidelines are for you to follow whenever you plan to copy print materials for distribution to students or for your own research or scholarly activities.

What is a Copy?

A “copy” is a print copy made in the form of a photocopy, fax, acetate, or slide. For the sole purpose of making classroom presentations, a digital copy may be made for inclusion in, for example, a PowerPoint presentation (no further copying or transmission is allowed).

What Can You Copy?

You can copy up to 10% of a published work or the following, whichever is greater:

  • 10% of a publication or an entire essay, poem, play, article, or short story
  • an entire single item of print music from a book or periodical issue containing other kinds of work
  • an entire chapter, provided it is 20% or less of a book
  • an entire reproduction of an artistic work (including drawing, sculpture, painting, prints, architectural works of art or works of artistic craftsmanship) from a book or periodical

Copying Guidelines

  • You may make one copy per student plus two for the instructor and such as is required for administrative purposes
  • You do not need to keep a record of copies made
  • Copies made under the incidental print photocopying terms of the licence cannot be assembled into a coursepack. Please notify David O’Reilly if you wish to create a coursepack for your course.
  • You may not make a copy of existing coursepacks
  • You may not make systematic copies from the same source so that the cumulative effect would be beyond the licence limits
  • You must include on at least one page of all multiple copies made the international copyright symbol (©), a credit to the the author or authors, the publisher, and to the artist or illustrator of any artistic work reproduced (where known)
  • Stamp the top copy with the following notice: “This material has been copied under licence from Access Copyright. Resale or further copying of this material is strictly prohibited.” (The stamp is available in the copy room).

The following documents can be downloaded which offer further explanation: