How do Scholarships Work?(Vancouver Campus)

Congratulations on your academic achievement!

Your scholarship amount is indicated in your Letter of Offer. This is calculated per tuition credit and is only applicable to the FDU Vancouver Campus undergraduate programs only.

Most FDU courses are 3 credits each, a full load for one academic year is based on 30 credits. Undergraduate students usually take 15 credits per term on average. The minimum full-time course load for Fall and Spring terms is 12 credits; for Summer terms is 9 credits. 

You will receive your scholarship awarded per credit multiplied by the number of registered credits each term. This scholarship will remain in effect for your entire program of study provided you maintain a 3.0 cumulative grade point average. 

Tuition fees are due prior to the start date of each term unless you have signed up for a Payment Plan (new students can apply for a Payment Plan after their first term at FDU). 

Note: If you are required to take EPS classes in the first term (subject to FDU English Placement test results), you will only receive a scholarship for the academic credits taken during your first term. A flat fee for the Pre-University program will be added. Please see additional information on the Pre-University program)

For new students:  if you still have questions about your estimated tuition costs for FDU programs based on your Scholarship offer, please contact Vancouver Admissions team at

For returning students inquiries: Please contact Enrollment Services at