Make a Payment – Vancouver Campus

Financial Information Guide during COVID-19

Tuition Deposits – Credit Card

To make a Vancouver tuition deposit payment only, please use TouchNet and select Vancouver Tuition Deposit.

Tuition Payments – Credit Card or ACH (Electronic Cheque)

To process any other type of payment towards tuition, and/or fee expenses please go to WebAdvisor and log into your account to make a payment. Click on: Main Menu > FDU Make a Payment > Any Other Type of Payment: Tuition, Room and Board, Fees, and Other Payments.

Please note: Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress, and Discover are accepted for tuition and other fee payments. There is a 2.8% convenience fee.

Flywire (Wire Transfer Option)

Fairleigh Dickinson University has partnered with FlyWire to offer an innovative way to streamline international education payments.

Why pay through FlyWire?

  • Eliminate hidden bank fees – ensure Fairleigh Dickinson University receives the correct amount.
  • Save on exchange rates – in most cases, you can make payments in your local currency, FlyWire will process the currency exchange offering you wholesale exchange rates – offering you wholesale exchange rates unmatched by traditional banks.
  • Peace of mind – 24×7 multilingual customer support when you need it most. Know where your payment is in the bank transfer process.

How to Make a Wire Transfer or an Online Bill Payment to Fairleigh Dickinson University via FlyWire

  1. Create a Flywire login and fill out your payment details.
  2. Make a traditional wire transfer from your bank (online, phone, or in-person).
  3. Track the progress of your payment via the payment dashboard.

Late Payment Charges

A late payment charge will be collected at the time any payment (full or partial) is applied to an outstanding balance according to the following schedule. The late payment charge is indicated in italics for the dates indicated. (A new week begins on the Monday of the new week).

Payment made in Fall and Spring Terms  
Up to week 6 2% of payment
Weeks 7 – 10 4% of payment
Weeks 11 – 13 6% of payment
Weeks 14 to end of term 8% of payment
End of the term to the beginning of next term 10% of payment
After the start of the new term 12% of payment
Payment made in Summer Terms  
Up to week 4 2% of payment
Weeks 5 – 6 4% of payment
Weeks 7 to end of term 8% of payment
End of the term to the beginning of next term 10% of payment
After the start of the new term 12% of payment

FDU Deferred Payment Plan

Fairleigh Dickinson University offers an option of deferred payments to help make your education more affordable.

The deferred payment plan costs an additional fee of $45.00 per semester. Students on an approved deferred payment plan agreement are allowed to make four (4) equal payments per semester (three (3) equal payments during Summer semesters). Payment dates and application deadlines will be decided by the Office of Enrollment Services.

Application forms can be obtained from the Office of Enrollment Services.