HRTM 7716 (Service Management) is a supporting 3-credit course in the Master of Hospitality Management Studies (MHMS) program. HRTM 7716 is now available to all MHMS students as either: (1) a traditional in-class course or (2) a Field Course.

  • The in-class option is available to students every Spring semester regardless of the start date,
  • The field course option is available in the Fall 2023 semester for students matriculating in Fall 2022 or Spring 2023.

All MHMS students must declare which format of HRTM 7716 they wish to take at the conclusion of their first semester in the MHMS program. Information sessions will be held on campus each term.

The field course familiarizes students with service strategies used by exemplary domestic and international service organizations, with hospitality and tourism businesses in the Okanagan Region of British Columbia as the foundational context. The course reviews theories and methods and connects them to industry best practices. The course focuses on this practical application by exploring methods for measuring customer satisfaction and total quality management applications. Learning is highly interactive and includes case students, interactive exercises, research, class discussions, and application to past and future service experiences and operation management.

This course involves four intensive in-class sessions followed by a 5-day field program throughout British Columbia, Canada led by Dr. Jarrett Bachman. An additional lab fee applies to cover travel costs. The lab fee includes all transportation, lodging, and meals for the duration of the trip.

To get a better sense of the places we visit on this Graduate Field Course and the student experience, please view Days 1-5 of our archived May 2022 HRTM 4622 Undergraduate Field Course blog at We visit many of the same organizations with the HRTM 7716 Field Course with a focus on graduate-level Service Management.


Contact Information
Dr. Jarrett Bachman, Associate Professor & Associate Director